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Reimagining another

Welcome to My Wild Nature and thank you for joining me on this journey towards deepening our commitment to living simply, so that we tread more lightly and with wonder in this fragile, beautiful world.

way of being


I have always been drawn to nature and to the solitude of wild places. Out in nature, where I can sit quietly beside a stream or in the shade of my favourite oak tree, just listening and absorbing the smells and sounds of the landscape, I am my calmest and most settled. And I find myself asking - how can I bring this feeling home with me? How do I hold onto this sense of my deeper self in resonance with the living world around me? And most importantly, what steps can I take towards deepening my commitment to living a life of self-nurturing, empathy, and awareness, for myself, others, and for the natural world?

My Wild Nature delves into seeking answers to these questions and shares all that I have learned along my own pathway towards a simpler life that is cognisant of nature and the creatures that live alongside us.

My Wild Nature Guide

My online guide will be available soon.

It is filled with insights, writings, and suggestions for a simpler, more nature-conscious lifestyle – more shortly.


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Short video stories

Smoke curling from chimney pots, warming smells of evening cooking, a soft glow as the sun slowly settles behind distant hills, and in the darkness, quiet, secretive, from deep in the shadows, wild lives begin to stir…

I have created these short video stories to share my interest in and concerns for wild animals and wild places.


A small offering...

I have found in my life that when I slow down a little and start looking around, noticing the minute, imperceptible details, and experiencing the ‘feel of things’, it changes me in small but significant ways. I have created 'Living in Harmony' to share a few suggestions for deepening our awareness of the living world around us.

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