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Working for wildlife
& wild places

Out in nature, in the peace and solitude of wild places, where the sound of water spilling over mossy rocks or a robin singing from a leafy branch is woven within the subtle nature of things, we return to a feeling of knowing - of the land and of self.

I have learned so much through my many years of working for wildlife and their wild homes, and these offerings come from my heart, and I hope they enrich your life as they have mine.


May pathways lead us into enchanted woodlands along secret trails scented with wild garlic or scatterings of autumn leaves; May we notice all the tiny details, the beauty, and fragility of this earthly experience; May the diversity of creatures fill us with wonder as we immerse in the peace of small things; May we feel thankful that we live in such a magical world.



Along the pathway towards remembering our deeper connections to the land so that we live more simply and in peaceful appreciation of the wider living world, I offer my skills and experience to help you on this journeying. From nature writing and designing books and publications to creating and curating outdoor awareness displays, please be in touch if you would like to chat about working together.

Project innovation

I create immersive experiences through conceptual artworks and exhibition installations, each designed to inspire awe and wonder or share deeper philosophical messaging.

The weaving of narratives and imagery can help deepen one's appreciation for nature by taking us along a pathway of discovery so that we connect with our emotions and thereby deepen our awareness of the wider world.


Such lovely curation of our natural environment.



Over the years, I have shared stories about ecology and connecting to nature through visually engaging signage. My trail signs and signboards are filled with thoughts and philosophies that touch on the wonder and diversity of the natural world and, when positioned sensitively in a natural context, help nurture one’s appreciation for nature.

Displays & Interpretative Signs

Word for word I connected with what you are expressing there! It was wonderful to connect in that way – these moments are pockets of inspiration and hope.



I have worked on numerous books and scientific publications, and I so enjoy the conceptual and design components behind creating a unique and special book.

Books & publications

Thank you for your beautifully written and exquisitely photographed book. It is an inspirational read.


As the Wild Geese Fly.jpg

As the Wild Geese Fly

It was an ordinary afternoon, like any other. Then, in a moment, reaching among the books, Rachel removes a slim collection of poems that will have a lasting influence on her life.

Purchase on Kindle - Available soon


This Land, These Creatures Display

Many years ago, while visiting the home of legendary lion conservationist George Adamson at Elsamere on Lake Naivasha in Kenya, I came across a very poignant inscription on a plaque that read: “Who will now care for the animals, for they cannot look after themselves? Are there young men and women who are willing to take on this charge? Who will raise their voices, when mine is carried away on the wind, to plead their case?”

I was profoundly moved by these words, and my display, This Land, These Creatures, touches on this ethos of care and consideration for wild nature. It is an inspirational visual display that synthesises my deep love of the natural world with my growing concerns for the well-being of the birds and small mammals that live alongside us in our busy world.

The display consists of 32 visually and narratively compelling signboards.

Please be in touch if you would like to discuss hosting this display.

Belinda Ashton - 1.jpg

A beautiful initiative – may it grow and expand and inspire many to live in greater harmony with our wild neighbours.


My Wild Nature Guide

My online guide will be available soon.

It is filled with insights, writings, and suggestions for a simpler, more nature-conscious lifestyle – more shortly.

My Wild Nature-1.jpg
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