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‘...the mist settling on the marshes, that morning of your return, and the buzzards calling over the valley and across the hills...’

I have recently completed my novel, As the Wild Geese Fly, which was written as an offering filled with my love of poetry and the natural world.

The storyline follows the journey of a young London-based cultural writer, Rachel Shaw, as she sets off on a pathway of inner change after discovering a collection of poems written by a quiet and reflective man, Richard Carraway, for his granddaughter, Becky. Deeply inspired by Richard’s words and the example of his life – living close to the land and pursuing a simple lifestyle in harmony with nature – Rachel’s life is forever changed through the experience of meeting him.

"Over the years, I have seen that it is through our emotional connections with nature that we are motivated to protect it, and I hope this small story will encourage deeper reflection on key issues impacting the natural world."


Excerpt from
the story


‘…yesterday, quite by chance, I came across one of the entrants, a little book by someone called Becky Carraway. She has self-published a collection of anecdotal poems written by her grandfather, Richard, and it’s… well, it’s charming, overflowing with touching memories and with his love for her. Apparently, he lives near an estuary on the west coast, and from his almost spiritual connection to the land, which he writes about so sensitively in his poems, he sounds enigmatic… just different in some way. I can’t really articulate this sense I have of him.’



A poignant and thoughtful exploration of how noticing small moments and looking more deeply at the world around us can profoundly impact our lives. Richard's character in particular was very moving...


May you learn to trust the light of your own wild heart, your own unique calling, as you embark on sacred journeying, in search of meaning, in search of self; And always know, wherever the path leads, I will be there, walking quietly beside you, venturing together, as we have always done, following the calls as the wild geese fly.



Excerpt from
the story

As the Wild Geese Fly.jpg

If you would like a copy of my book...

My story was written as one of my nature offerings that I will have available with me at our interactive public events.

It is on sale through Gardners UK as well as a few venues, including the Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire in the UK, and through this website.

Available through Amazon Kindle - shortly

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