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Thank you for visiting my website, where I share my work offerings and experience, as well as my love of nature, poetry, and the hope that, through deepening our awareness and appreciation of the natural world, we can bring beauty, peacefulness, and simplicity into our lives.

Over the years, I have been inspired and motivated by a few words that I keep with me and which I read long ago, by Vietnamese monk Thích Nhất Hạnh, that said, 'If we want peace, we need to be peace; peace is a practice, not a hope.' And through my writing, I explore the concept of living a peaceful life in harmony with the wider living world; and then deeper thoughts of how peace comes from within and from the small decisions we make each day to consciously honour that desire for peace.

In my profession as a nature writer and visual storyteller, I curate awareness initiatives that weave together images with poetic narratives through inspirational publications and displays that explore our complex, ever-changing relationship with the wider living world.

On these pages, you will find numerous offerings, from my novel As the Wild Geese Fly to online guides, publications, and wild nature support sessions.

Please be in touch if you would like to chat about working together.

Belinda Ashton

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It is in the delicate balancing of all that we have achieved in our modern world with the deeper spiritual dimensions of reverence for the earth that we move eloquently and sensitively towards the wholeness of our lives.



a new way of being

It is my deepest wish, at this pivotal time, that we find a way to live in grace and harmony with lands and creatures that are still wild and free. I truly believe that living as simple a life as possible and being mindful of our material impacts adds a significant depth to one’s life that resonates with the knowledge that we are both caring and cognisant of the wider living world around us.

I have learned over the years that it is through our emotions that we care, and it is through caring that we heed the call to respond.

This interest in our emotional and psychological connections to the earth, and the need to immerse in nature so that we feel more integrated and less alienated from the world around us has led me to an increasing awareness of the value of creating a way of life that is simple yet holds within this simplicity a profound depth – from being able to truly feel ourselves part of the natural world and the interconnectedness of life itself.

When the robin's nest again...

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“Amidst all of life's uncertainties, this bright, sudden awareness of a path forward, flowing with hope, awakened to enchantment...”

from my book 'As the Wild Geese Fly'

As the Wild Geese Fly.jpg

As the Wild Geese Fly

...the mist settling on the marshes, that morning of your return, and the buzzards calling over the valley and across the hills...’

My first novel, As the Wild Geese Fly, has been released – a story that is filled with my love of nature and poetry and touches on a pathway of inner change.

It will soon be available on Amazon Kindle

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